User Account / Dashboard


This is the documentation page for the User Account / Dashboard module. We know that almost no one read the documentation before using softwares or applications, that's why we'll keep it clean and easy to understand as possible, so when you have some problem you can come in here and find the solution without the need to read everything.

1. First and Last Name top

For now, we only use the user First and Last name for the Invoice (PDF) and Reports, so we consider it to be a non-mandatory field.

2. Country top

The country field is optional and will be used to better provide content to Users. We aren't using the information from this field yet.

3. Company top

The Company fields (logo and name) is used in the Reports, Invoice and in the Project management module.

The logo is only used by the Reports. The maximum size is 2 Mb.

3.2. Name top

The company name is only used by the Reports. We don't check if the User are the owner of the company or even if he/she works at it.

4. Orders top

All of your orders is shown in the orders table. If you click in any row a new tab will open with the Invoice PDF.

The table show the following information:

  • Invoice #: unique 13 digits sequence;
  • Status: current status of the order, it can be Active, Pending, Canceled or Expired;
  • Value: price paid;
  • Pay Method: payment method used to pay for the subscription, for now, only Stripe is accepted;
  • Expire Date: the date that the subscription related to the order will expire.

4.1. Payment top

For now we only accept payment through Stripe. Unfortunately there isn't many payment methods available for our country (Brazil), something to do with our laws, taxes and market.

We're constantly trying to find others payment method because we know that many users don't like using Stripe.

4.2. Invoice top

You can access your Invoice by clicking in the Orders table. A new tab will open in your browser with the Invoice PDF. It's the only way to access this file as for now we're not sending it by e-mail.

5. Support top

All of your support tickets will be shown in the support table.

  • id: ticket unique identification composed by numbers and letters.
  • Title: brief description of the problem.
  • Status: current status of the ticket, it can be:
    • New
    • Pending User Action
    • Canceled
    • Solved
    • Hold
  • Date: date that the ticket was created.

You can find more about Support in the Support Documentation