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Pool of Ideas

Here we'll list all the ideas for new features and bug fixes that we received from our USERs thorugh the Contact or Support page. Unfortunately we can't specify when we'll start to work on each idea and/or when we'll finish it once we start working as the priority but keep visiting this page as any update will be posted here.

1. What kind of Feature and Bug Fixes can an USER request?

To be honest, any idea can be requested. However, not all ideas will appear in the list below as we filter the ones that are most relevant and doable. At first asking us to change the website color may seems too much to ask but, if more USERs ask for that and we find out that the color makes some drawings and/or texts hard to read we can add such idea to the list. So, don't be afraid to send your ideas to us even if it sounds crazy.

If you are a USER and want to request a bug fix we highly recommend you to do that through the support page because we'll priorize it. Non-USERs must report it through the contact page and the request will be added in the list below (it doesn't mean it won't be prioritized as it's only a way to a non-USER keep track of the request).

2. Can an USER help feature and/or bug fixes implementation?

So you have a great idea and want to help us implement it? Well, unfortunately it isn't possible. Although we use GitHub our library isn't public and only people that are part of the team can use it. We may, in the future, make some part (like the code to generate the drawings) of the library public but we're still thinking about it.

"Can I at least send a file to be hosted in the website?", no, you can't, simply because we can't check who really created it, so we decided to not host files sent to us by USERs. Only files created by us will be hosted in the Files section.

3. List

GMX2BM21-07-2023Not ImplementedLet User change the System of Units to Imperial System (inches, lbs, ft, lb/ft3, etc) in the Module page.
HG7ZP221-07-2023ImplementedCreate shortcuts to access the Modules, right now it's needed too many clicks to go from one Module to another.
Update: we've created the sidebar menu, which let the USER access the Modules with just a few clicks (two)
KX73B121-07-2023ImplementedCreate Opening Reinforcement Design Module.
Update: module created, see ORD doc for more information.
HG7ZP221-07-2023ImplementedCreate shortcut to access Project Management. It's needed too many clicks to use it.
Update: we've created the sidebar menu, which let the USER access the projects, equipment and parts with just a few clicks (two).
9FF565B513-02-2024Not ImplementedCreate a full view/assembly of the pressure vessel (equipment) and let the USER choose how to link parts (for example: a torispherical head in the bottom of a cylindrical shell and a spherical head in the top).