Updated 02/12/2021

Payment Policy

1. Method

As stated in item 3 in the Subscription Terms the payment must be made exclusively through PAYPAL. We won't accept any other type of payment for now but, if it change in the future, we'll notify all the USER by e-mail or website notification.

2. Currency

The subscription price will always be charged in USD (United States Dollar), if you country doesn't allow payment in USD, Stripe will automatically convert to you local currency. Keep in mind that Stripe may charge extra tax for the currency exchange.

3. Invoice

After the payment the USER will have access to the INVOICE through the dashboard page which have a table called Orders. If the USER click in the invoice row it'll automatically open in a new tab the browser.

4. Recurring

The subscription isn't recurring, if the USER want to keep KEZAR ENGINEERING access, the renewal must be made manually before the current subscription expire. A notification will be shown in the dashboard 15 days before the expiration.

5. Refund

The only way to get a refund is if KEZAR ENGINEERING don't provide what it's shown in the articles, documentations and whitepapers or if we can't fix a bug that USER have found. If it's the case, the USER can create a ticket through Support page demanding the refund and explaining what happened. If it's proved that the USER is right, we'll make a proportional refund.

In the past we used to allow 15 days free trial but USERS kept creating new accounts with new e-mail to get the free access. As it got out of control we decided disable it.