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Work at Kezar Engineering

As described at About page, Kezar Engineering was created in 2016 to be a website that provided great engineering articles, later we began to create engineering calculation spreadsheets and in 2023 we decided to create our own cloud engineering software.

For now (06.12.23) we have finished only 70% of the software and we're planning to have, at least, 15 modules ready to be commercialized by the end of 2024:

  • Bolted Flange Design
  • Shell & Head Design
  • Project Management
  • ASME Material Database
  • Pipe & Tubes Database
  • Fasteners Database
  • Fluid Compatibility Database
  • Lifting Lug Design
  • Davit Arm Design
  • Swing Bolts Design
  • Opening Reinforcement Design
  • Sections Database
  • Gaskets Database
  • Gaskets Material
  • Flanges Database

Before you ask, the Sign Up isn't working, so the User can't register or pay for the subscription yet. To be honest, the whole website is online just for testing purposes (the Articles page have good content by the way).

1. What do we need

We need Engineers that know how to code in javascript, html, CSS and how to use MongoDB. The framework that we use is Nuxt.js 2 (we know, it's outdated but we're not able to update to Nuxt.js 3 right know because it would need too much work. We'll first finish the first version before thinking about updating the framework or even switching to another one, maybe React).

For now, don't matter if you are a Mechanical, Electrical or Civil engineer, because the the tasks that need to be done are relatively simple and, to be honest, most of the time you'll just need to take formulas/equations from articles, standard codes and books and transform them into code.

2. How much do we pay

Yeah, well, about that.. in this stage of the project we can't afford paying for an employee so we are looking for a partner. The person will get some percentage of the company, from 1% to 50% depending on the contribution to the project.

Now I believe that you are wondering how much money you'll get as just saying the percentages means nothing. Well, based in our estimation (we can get in detail by e-mail if you want) in the first year you can get between USD 800 (1%) to USD 40.500 (50%) and we intent to double that in the next year (2025).

To be clear, we first need to finish the project before we can start charging for it, so in the first months we'll get nothing. Keep this in mind.

3. Working hours

You'll work the amount of time you want. I won't ask to you to work 22 hours a day, but at the beginning of the week I'll ask you what tasks you think you can do during the week and will do a follow-up at the end of each day (just a quick call).

Oh, although we said that you will decide how much hours you'll work, we expect you to work at least 1 hour per day. It's the minimum to keep the project flowing

4. Working place

It's a remote job. Work where you want. Where you fill comfortable. We won't ask you to trave or any thing like that. Maybe, in the future, after we begin to make money, we can meet in person but let not think about it now.

5. Language

You'll need to be advanced/fluent in English. I'll be great if you speak other languages as well because we intent to translate the whole website in the future to help people from other countries (many of our competitors don't have this feature, so it can be a differential).

6. Contact Us

Interested in the job? Contact us through our Contact page saying that you saw this "ad" and want to know more.

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