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Updated 02/12/2021

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Kezar Engineering is a website / application created to help engineers all around the world. It doesn't need to be downloaded and installed in the user machine, it only need something that everyone already have installed: browser. It can be any browser: Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

All the calculations done by our design tools is run in the backend or, in other words, by the server computers. It basically means that you can use our most advanced tool in an simple smartphone or old computer.

1. History

Kezar Engineering website was created in 2016. Back them the objective was to create beautiful and reliable engineering articles. Most of the articles in the internet is full of ads, with too much things on the screen, colors that don't match, font type and size that also don't help, it's a nightmare for the brain. Let's suppose that you've found the article that you was looking for and, beside all odds mentioned above, you decided to read it. It's nice, well written, but is it reliable? Where all the information came from? Oh, there's no bibliography!

Unfortunatelly I soon found out that I didn't have time to write articles. I was too busy designing equipments, creating spreadsheets, CAD drawings & models and living my life. So I thought: why don't I sell the spreadsheets that I've created? Maybe someone else also needs that.

2. Spreadsheets

I've created a lot of spreadsheets in my free time to help me in my job as a Mechanical Engineer. At first our company doesn't had budget to buy calculation softwares as PVElite (yes, it's quite expensive), so we had to do it by hand or using spreadsheets. Later we got the budget to buy the software as it would reduce the calculation time and errors (although our spreadsheets was checked by our peers).

In the first version of this website I was selling the following spreadsheets: Bolted Flange Design, LIfting Lug Design and Saddle Support Design. I sold a lot specially because engineers doens't want to pay 3.000 to 8.000 USD per year to have access to design softwares. That's why I dediced to stop creating spreadsheets and move to the next stage: website/application.

3. Packages and Modules

We commercialize 3 packages: MarsCalc, MoonDB and JupiterQMS.

MarsCalc contains all the calculation modules, like Bolted Flange Design and Saddle Support Design. The modules generate PDF and DOCX reports, 2D drawings and 3D models.

MoonDB contains all the modules related with database: materials, gaskets, flanges and so on. Many of the modules in this package is used as a support for MarsCalc.

JupiterQMS contains the modules related with quality management: project management and tests templates.