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ASME BPVC Section VIII Division 2

Saddle Support Design

by Diego Alquezar, updated at 21/10/2022 © Kezar Engineering

This is the documentation page for the Bolted Flange Design module. You'll find here everything you need to understand how to use our application.

1. Drawing top

All the flange drawing shown in the application came from the ASME BPVC Section VIII Division 1 Appendix[ 2 ], that's why the only way to change it is through the Dimensions -> Flange Type drop down list. After selecting the desired type the drawing will automatically change. The drawing with the real dimensions will only be shown in the results page but we are trying to implement it in the input page. If you want to follow all the upcoming changes see the Development Page

In the future we'll also show the drawing of the gasket, bolt and top view of the flange as it may help the user to better understand what is being designed.

2. Units top

All Modules accept two types of units: International and Imperial, but we are working in a way to let the user define his own unit configuration.

The table below shows the units used in each type and can be selected through the System of Units drop down list.

Unit International Imperial
Temperature °C °F
Pressure MPa PSi
Length mm in
Density kg/cm3 lb/in3

3. Fields top

Below is a list of all the available fields in the Module.

3.1. Project top

  1. Use Registered Project: if the user select this checkbox, it'll load all projects created by the user or shared with him.
  2. Use Registered Equipment: the same as above, but it'll load all equipment instead.
  3. Description: brief description of what you are designing. For example: heat exchanger cover or flange for inlet nozzle. It'll help you identify which part of the pressure vessel this calculation belong.
  4. Project: the user have three options:
    1. Use and existent project;
    2. Create a new project;
    3. Don't link the module to any project.
  5. Equipment: the same as above but with equipment:
    1. Use and existent equipment;
    2. Create a new equipment;
    3. Don't link the module to any equipment.
  6. Customer: the value in this field will be used in the Project Management module and in the calculation report. The User can left it blank so it won't be linked to any Customer.
  7. Report Number: although it says Number, the user can create any combination of number, letter and some special characters. Each equipment should have an unique number.
  8. System of Units: our application supports two unit system:
    1. International System of Units
    2. Imperial System of Units

3.2. Process top

  1. Fluid: the fluid that'll be used in the equipment.
  2. Design Temperature: temperature value that'll be used in the calculation. It's up to the User to define it. The module support two units:
    1. °F for Imperial System of Units
    2. °C for International System of Units
  3. Design Pressure: pressure value that'll be used in the calculation. The User must define it as well. The module support two units:
    1. PSi for Imperial System of Units
    2. MPa for International System of Units

3.3. Dimensions top

Reference top

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