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The Support module is the only way to get support from Kezar Engineering team. We'll not accept request sent by e-mail or phone, as it's difficult for us to manage it.

1. Title

Brief description of your problem with a maximum of 50 characters. Try to be clear as possible. For example: Instead of "I can't access module", use "I can't access BFD module, error message #A19ABF". Remember that it's the first thing that the support person will see and, if he have hundreds of tickets and see one that he knows the solution, he'll priorize and answer right away.

2. Category

Choosing the right category is very important because the support team is divided by category and, if the correct one is choosen, it'll save time for us as we'll not need to redirect to other team.

3. File

User can add up to 5 files that may help the Support Team solve the problem. Each file must have less than 2 Mb and must have one of the following format:

  • image: png, gif or jpeg.
  • spreadsheet: xls or xlsx (we won't accept files with macro - xlsxm).
  • word: doc or docx.

User can delete or add files only when creating the Ticket or when its status is Pending User Action.

4. Status

  • New: the Ticket have just been created and no action have been taken already.
  • On Hold: Support Team aren't working in the Ticket, maybe they are waiting some information (not from User).
  • Pending User Action: Support Team need more information about the problem. The Team will not work on the Ticket until the User send the information requested.
  • In Progress: Support Team are working on the Ticket.
  • Closed: the problem is solved and no more action is needed.

Support Team will send messages through the Ticket History field to give more details about the status of the Ticket.

5. Priority

As we have a limited number of people working in the Support Team, we have to stablish priority for each Ticket: considering Tickets with same Impact, we'll work first on the high priority, then on the middle and finally on the low. The Impact can change such order: we may work on a Ticket with a Medium Priority and High Impact than on a Ticket with High Priority and Low Impact.

Examples and Maximum Time to Solve (MTS):

  • high: modules aren't working, orders aren't being generated, wrong equations, projects disappearing. MTS: 24 hours (depends on the problem).
  • medium: calculation report DOCX can't be generated, can't download invoice, module aren't loading material data. MTS: 48 hours (depends on the problem).
  • low: typo in some articles or documentation, can't change personal or company name, can't load company logo. MTS: 72 hours (depends on the problem).

6. Impact

This field is used to set how the problem will impact the website or modules:

  • high: the problem may affect the entire website or modules, all Users may be affected as well.
  • medium: the problem may affect some parts of the website or modules. Almost all Users will be affected.
  • low: the problem may affect only a small part of the website or modules. Only some Users may be affected.

7. Ticket History

This field is used to save all the information exchanged between the User and the Support Team. As the purpose is to save everything, you should think first before sending a message: keep it clean and specific.

8. Flowchart

Image 1