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ASME Materials

This is the documentation for the ASME Material module. It's basically a database module (see ΣCalc Documentation for more information about types of modules) so it will not perform any calculation.

The data used by the module come from the ASME BPVC Section II and are updated regularly as new version of the code is published.

1. Module

Fig. 0.1 shows what the USER will see when accessing the module. The fields from the column header are described in the Item 2 of this documentation.

cad-volume-outer Fig. 0.1 - ASME Material table
1Column header with data description. A detailed description can be found in the of this documentation. The header can be sorted by clicking in the arrows beside the title. The data unit, if applicable, will be show between brackets.
2Current Module version. You can check the changes in the Changelog section of this documentation.
3Documentation icon, if clicked, will open this page.
4The data are separated in 4 tables: Properties, Allowable Stress, Tensile Strength and Yield Strength. The USER can choose which table he want to see by clicking in the table selection menu.
5Search field. It'll only search the Material Name data.

2. Units

For now, only International Unit System[ 1 ] or just SI Units is accepted, but we're working to implement the Imperial Unit System[ 2 ] in the following versions, as it's still used by many countries and companies.

The Table below show the relationship between International and Imperial unit system.

Conversion (SI → Imperial)
Temperature°C°F((°C × 9/5) + 32) / 32
PressureMPaPSiMPA * 145
Lengthmminmm * 25.4
Densitykg/cm^3lb/in^3kg/cm^2 * 36.127
Volumem^3ft^3m^3 * 35.315
Weightkglbkg * 2.205
ForceNlbfN * 4.448
Areamm^2in^2mm^2 * 645.2 * 0.00885

3. Fields

Material Name<none>xxxx
Nominal Composition<none>xxxx
Product Form<none>xxxx
Class Thicknessmm, inxxxx
UNS Number<none>xxxx
P Number Thicknessmm, inxxxx
P Number<none>xxxx
Group Number<none>xxxx
Minimum Tensile StressMPa, psixxxx
Minimum Yield StressMPa, psixxxx
External Pressure Chart<none>xxxx
Elastic Modulus Id<none>xxxx
Thermal Expansion Coefficient<none>xxxx
Material Densitykg/m^3, lb/ft^3xxxx
MDMT Curve 1<none>xxxx
MDMT Curve 2<none>xxxx
Flange Group<none>xxxx
Maximum Temperature°C, °Fxxxx
Creep Temperature°C, °Fxxxx