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All Files created by us can be downloaded through the Files page. Many of these files was created long time ago, when we didn't have money to buy a software license and had to do everything by hand or using Excel. We know that it's still a reality in many countries, which is one of the reasons we created this site with a reasonable subscription price.

The files can be download for free but you need to logged to do that. Just create an account and ignore the no active order message in the Dashboard. You only need to pay if you intent to use the ΣCalc application.

1. Types

The File types that we'll make available is:

  • pdf: Portable Document Format (PDF) it's usually used for documents as books and manuals. You can open it with Adobe Acrobat or Foxit.
  • xls / xlsm: Excel file with (xlsm) and without (xls) macros. Used for a lot of things but we like to use it to do calculations and project management. You can open it with Excel or LibreOffice.
  • doc / docx: Word file, old format (doc) and new format (docx). Used for documents as calculation report. You can open it with Word or LibreOffice.
  • dwg: Drawing file, used to create engineering drawings. It can be opened with AutoCAD or SolidWorks.
  • sldprt: SolidWorks part file, used to create a 3D part model. Can only be opened with SolidWorks.
  • sldasm: SolidWorks assembly file, used to assembly 3D parts (sldprt). Can only be opened with SolidWorks.

File type will be shown in the Files table (type column).


You can download any file from Files page by clicking in the download button either in the front page or in the info page. The download should initiate immediately (your browser may try to block it, if it's the cause, it'll warn you and let you choose to keep downloading or not).

3. Support

If you need support with the Files, just create a ticket in the Support page explaining what kind of support you need (bugs fixes, features to add, etc). The average response time for files support is 48 hours so, be patient.

4. Deprecated

Some files will have a warning saying that it's deprecated, which means that we no long support it (we'll not answer to e-mails, tickets or calls about deprecated files).

There are two ways to identify deprecated files: a message with white font and red background will be shown in the file page (see Fig. 4.1.) and the file row in the Files page will have a red background (see Fig. 4.2.)

Fig. 4.1. - Warning show in the File page
Fig. 4.2. - File row with warning color

We highly advice that you don't use deprecated files in real projects the way it's. If you want to use it in these situations, please, check everything and make the necessary corrections by yourself.


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