Who are we?

“We are a company with the main objective to deliver quality engineering services and products”

Believe me, if it’s not meant to be done with quality, we won’t do. Because, in the end, what people will say about your work are strictly related with its quality, no matter if you did it in 10 hours, if it’s terrible and full of bugs, no one will care that you finished it way faster than anyone else. I can say that I’ve created this company because I’m tired of bosses that only care about time and price. I care about quality because I want to be proud about my work. But hey, it doesn’t mean that I’m perfect. No. But it means that I will do everything that I can to improve it.

The income of our company comes from selling products (spreadsheets) and services (reports, drawings, finite element analysis). The first one you can buy directly from our website. The second one you’ll need to contact us so we can analise your need, give a price, a deadline and so one.

Figure 1 - Product Schematics

Figure 1 – Product Schematics